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Gospel Light | Preschool / Pre-K Visual Resources | Winter Year B

Gospel Light | Preschool / Pre-K Visual Resources | Winter Year B

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The Preschool / Pre-K Visuals Resources contains all the posters and storytelling figures you need to enhance Bible storytelling and show preschoolers scenes from everyday life. Coordinating with the Winter B Teacher Guide for either Preschool or Pre-K/Kindergarten, the storytelling figures involve kids in the Bible story and can be used in many additional ways.

Colorful, fun posters depict preschoolers in everyday situations of sharing, being kind and helping others. Game and activity posters are an easy way to call the group together for a quick game that introduces the next activity.

Teachers will appreciate the:

  • Bright, high quality paper 
  • Engaging art and photographs 
  • Bright activity posters that can be used in dozens of ways!

Order one per Classroom.

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