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Disciplemakers Loving the World

Disciplemakers #3 Loving the World

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Kids will explore how they are designed to serve, why they need to serve others, and how to serve others with the right heart. This high-energy, multimedia program comes complete with everything you need for boys and girls ages 6-12! Each volume comes with 13 lessons for large-group/small-group programs including:

Energetic Praise and Worship Time Solid Bible Teaching Fun Games Engaging Object Lessons Scripture Memory Verse Activities Today's Life Story Reproducible Leader's Manuals God Encounter Small-Group Lessons Drama, Praise and Audio Worship DVD Engaging Puppet Skits Visual Art CD-ROM Take-Home Challenges CD-ROM Plus Exciting Extras!

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ISBN: 0830743375
ISBN-13: 9780830743377
Item #: 139331
Case Quantity: 6

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