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Jesus Loves the Little Children by Debby Anderson

Jesus Loves the Little Children

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This best-selling series teaches biblical truths through brightly colored art and tunes young children know and love. New cover designs add freshness. Ages 0-3.

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About the Author

Debby Anderson has written and illustrated several books for children, including the Cuddle and Sing series. She lives with her husband and four children, ranging in age from one to twelve, in Mesquite, Texas, where she and her husband are involved in a variety of church and cross-cultural ministries.

Current Title: Let's Talk About Heaven, Do Bugs Have Noses? Jesus is With Me.

Other Title By Debby Anderson:
Jesus Loves Me
Jesus Love the Little Children

Product Details

Category: Board Book
ISBN-13: 9780781430746
Item #: 56671
Page Count: 18
Age Level: Ages 1-3 Years
Cover Type: Board book


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