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Elementary Fridge Fun Take-Home - Grades 1-4

Elementary Fridge Fun Take Home Grades 1-4 - Spring Year B

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Encouraging and motivating parents to teach faith at home through fun activities and interesting discussions with their own kids is exactly why we designed the Fridge Fun Take Home for elementary grades 1-4!

Features include:

  • Easy, fun activities for kids and parents to do together 
  • Bible verses to share and discuss, goofy memory games, more! 
  • Reinforcement for Bible learning .
  • Works with 1&2nd or 3&4th grade curriculum .
  • Easy to post on the fridge with a magnet.
  • Ideas for weekly family fun.
  • Comes in tear-off packs of 5 sets, easy to count and pass out to kids.

Order one per 5 students.

Product Details

Category: Take Home Papers
ISBN: 2224-3
ISBN-13: 9780830763269
Item #: 138878
Age Level: Grades 1-2


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