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Light of the World Music Video - Seeds Family Worship

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This Music Video brings the message of John 8:12 to life in your service.

Seeds videos are AWESOME for Children’s Church worship! What’s better than your kids praising God while singing word-for-word scripture? They get to worship God while storing His Word in their hearts!

Seeds Videos: We want to encourage all churches and groups to use God’s Word In Kids Worship Seeds worship times are not only fun and engaging, but your kids are memorizing God’s Word. Many of the songs have hand motion videos that were made to help kids engage in worship. The official Seeds Family Worship hand motion have been tested in kids worship across the country (and around the world). Get the hand motion videos in split screen and PIP.

Choose the version that is right for you!

  • Picture-in-Picture: This version is perfect for listeners wanting to focus on the lyrics and meaning of the song, while ensuring that no one feels lost with hand motions. Lyrics sit full screen while hand motions are displayed in an inset window.

  • Split: The best of both worlds! Keep everyone on track with hand motions and lyrics sharing equal space on the screen.

  • Lyric: Keep distractions to a minimum with this rendition. The lyric video removes hand motions and gives listeners the chance to really focus on the message of each song.
  • Instrumental: Have your own worship team? Let their voices shine with this instrumental version.

Here's how to access your Scripture Memory Video:

Step 1: Click DOWNLOAD on the access link.
Step 2: Open your Downloads folder and open the file with your video inside.
Step 3: You can choose to display these videos directly from the device used to access the download, using streaming devices like Air-play, Roku or Chromecast.

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ISBN: 00007-004-HMP
ISBN-13: 00007-004-HMP
Item #: 148679
Age Level: Family - All Ages


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