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Ponder Hand Puppet

Noah's Park Hand Puppets: Ponder

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What happened to the animals when they left the ark?

When the animals left the ark, one group became friends and traveled together. They had many scary and exciting adventures. One day they happened up on a beautiful forest with a cozy cave and a peaceful pond. It felt safe, and it soon became their home. This place was called Noah's Park.

Ponder is the wise leader of Noah's Park. He remembers the ark and the great man who built it. He uses his memories of Noah to help the others understand God's goodness and how He keeps them safe. Ponder, who lives on a lily pad, is the one the others turn to when they are in trouble. When you have a problem, maybe Ponder can help.

Sight: When you and your child play the part of Ponder, can you see how God used him in a special way? Talk with your child about being responsible and listening to wise counsel. Look for the people God puts in our lives to guide important decisions.

Sound: The animals in Noah's Park must have made quite a ruckus. Can you imitate the sounds that might have been heard once the animals left the ark? Are they happy? sad? chirps? growls? Can your child ribbit and croak like a frog?

Touch: As you and your child pretend to be the characters of Noah's Park, ask him to pick up a small object with the puppet's arms. It takes a lot of concentration! Remind your child that God has given us hands and fingers. What are some things we can do with them? We should remember to thank God for such a wonderful gift.

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Noah Handpuppet
Series: Noahs Park Series
ISBN: 9834502478  
ISBN-13: 0612608502475
Item #: 91066
Case Quantity: 24
Publication Date: May 1, 2000

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