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One Rehearsal Christmas Plays

One Rehearsal Christmas Plays

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One Rehearsal Christmas Plays is the answer to gaining an extra hour or two, feeling less harried and focusing on Christ while directing the church Christmas program! With One Rehearsal Christmas Plays, your Sunday school department will encourage, entertain, and enlighten the congregation as they follow the "Footsteps to the Manager" or as they present a slightly altered version of "T'was the Night before Christmas." One Rehearsal Christmas Plays features these productions and ten others with a Scriptural message and minimal preparation! Completely Reproducible!

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About the Author

Whimsical. Witty. Wise. Those are three words that describe Kendra Smiley. And you could add one more, intentional. Kendra is intentional in all she does as a sought after author, speaker, and radio and TV host.Kendra Smiley ministers to women,educators, and parents nationally and internationally. Named the Illinois Mother of the Year in 2001, she hosts a daily radio show, Live Life Intentionally, heard on over 350 stations including the Moody, Northwestern, and New Life radio networks. She and her husband John, a retired USAFR pilot, have co-authored three parenting books. They have a weekly five-minute radio segment, Parenting Like a Pro and a television feature by the same name broadcast weekly on the Champaign, IL ABC affiliate. The Smiley's live on a farm in central Illinois. They are the parents of three married sons and have six granddaughters.

Whimsical. Witty. Wise. Intentional. Those four words describe Kendra, a woman who connects with other women.

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Category: Book-Paperback Trade
ISBN-13: 9780781441209
Item #: 103618
Page Count: 96
Age Level: Preschool - 5th Grade
Publication Date: June 1, 2004
Cover Type: Paperback


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