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Gospel Light Preschool TalkTime Activity Pages

Gospel Light | Preschool Ages 2-3 TalkTime Activity Pages | Summer Year B

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An interactive, colorful way for kids to discover how God's Word connects to their daily lives. Each activity is a two-page spread including sticker pages that are easy-use and save preparation time!

  • Full color, large format makes it easy for little hands 
  • Puzzles, activities and stickers help preschoolers understand the day’s Bible truth 
  • Includes a fun sticker to wear home every week! 
  • For little ones under 3, adult supervision is recommended due to possible choking hazards.

Order one per student.

Product Details

Category: Student Books
ISBN: 2203-4
ISBN-13: 9780830763412
Item #: 138891
Age Level: Preschool 3-5 Year Olds


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