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Route 52 - Bible People Who Shared

Route 52 - Bible People Who Shared

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Ages 4–6: A Boy Shares His Lunch, A Woman Shares Her Two Coins,The First Church Shares with Others, Aquila and Priscilla Share What They Have

Lesson 1: A Boy Shares His Lunch
Matthew 14:15-21; John 6:5-13—The disciples are baffled. How are 5,000 men, plus all the women and children, going to get food? It's late in the day. The surrounding villages are some distance away. Jesus uses a boy's lunch to teach how a little in the eyes of men is much in the hands of God. Sharing even small things can bring great joy to others.

Lesson 2: A Woman Shares Her Two Coins
Luke 20:45-47; 21:1-4—When Jesus sees the rich parading through the temple in their fancy clothes giving huge gifts to the temple treasury, He takes the opportunity to teach His helpers an important truth about sharing. He focuses their attention on a poor widow whose meager gift of two coins is unnoticed by others, but attracts God's attention. A gift shared by a loving heart is priceless.

Lesson 3: The First Church Shares with Others
Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:9; 2:44-47; 4:32-37—The first church puts the teachings of Jesus into practice and the results are wonderful. Every believer shares what he has. No one is homeless or hungry. Every need is met. God wants us to share and help others too.

Lesson 4: Aquila and Priscilla Share What They Have
Acts 18; Romans 16:3-5—Aquila and Priscilla share their home, their business, and their love for Jesus with Paul and others. They are wonderful role models of how Christians should share.

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