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Standard Lesson Fall 2018 PowerPoint®

Standard Lesson Fall 2018 PowerPoint®

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Supplement your lesson presentation with this downloadable PowerPoint® slide show. 

Select the correct Lesson number in the drop down OR receive a zipped file with all the lessons for only $19.99 by selecting the Fall Lesson Bundle option. Lesson details are below:

  • Fall Lesson Bundle - All Fall Lesson PowerPoints
  • Week 1: Sunday, September 2 - God Creates Heavens and Earth
  • Week 2: Sunday, September 9 - God Creates Lights and Life
  • Week 3: Sunday, September 16 - God Creates People
  • Week 4: Sunday, September 23 - God Creates the Family
  • Week 5: Sunday, September 30 - God Confronts Sin
  • Week 6: Sunday, October 7 - The Righteousness of Noah
  • Week 7: Sunday, October 14 - The Call of Abram
  • Week 8: Sunday, October 21 - The Birth of the Promised Son 
  • Week 9: Sunday, October 28 - The Marriage of Isaac
  • Week 10: Sunday, November 4 - Sibling’s Rivalry
  • Week 11: Sunday, November 11 - Jacob’s Deception
  • Week 12: Sunday, November 18 - Jacob’s Dream
  • Week 13: Sunday, November 25 - God’s Blessing

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