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Uncommon Stories and Illustrations

Uncommon Stories and Illustrations

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When you're talking to teens, few things leave an impression like an unforgettable story. Whether it's a humorous page from the history books, a mind-bending whodunit or a fairy tale with a twist, stories cut right to the heart of the matter - and the hearts of your youth group. Now you can grab your group's attention with memorable stories that bring biblical concepts to life with Uncommon Stories and Illustrations. In this must-have resource, veteran youth ministry Jim Burns brings together more than 130 engaging tales to illustrate your message and impact the hearts of teens.

Each story is arranged by subject and includes key verses and additional Scripture references as starting points for talks and sermons. Whether you spin a yarn for youth meetings, Sunday School classes, retreats, staff meetings, parent nights, camps, lock-ins or outreach programs, you'll tickle funny bones, provoke thoughtful conversations and open hearts to receive the ultimate Storyteller: Jesus Christ.

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  • 5" x 11" printed book shipped from our distribution center
  • Bound-in CD-ROM with all of the sessions in individual PDF format files to email to your volunteers

Order the digital download edition and you'll get:

  • The entire book in PDF format making it easy to use on any digital device
  • All of the sessions in individual PDF format files to email to your volunteers

Note about digital licensing: The digital edition of the book is licensed to you for use by one teacher. Individual sessions are provided to email to volunteers in the CD-ROM or included in the digital download.