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The Big God Story by Michelle Anthony

The Big God Story

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In this fast-paced journey through the Old and New Testaments, kids will hear the stories of the Garden of Eden, the great flood, the Promised Land, the kings of Israel, the holy baby born in a stable, and some unlikely friends who started a new church. Each part of the narrative highlights a different aspect of God's faithfulness to us. Ultimately, readers will see how they fit into God's big story of love when they write their names in the book on the last page!

This beautiful picture book also teaches children about God's promise of a redeemer through the visual portrayal of a glowing star and the insightful connections back to the person of Jesus on almost every page.

About the Author

Dr. Michelle Anthony is the author of Spiritual Parenting, Dreaming of More for the Next Generation, Becoming the Spiritually Formed Family, andThe Big God Story. She is also the co-editor of A Theology of Family Ministry,with her husband Dr. Michael Anthony.

Michelle has over 25 years of church ministry and leadership experience in children's and family ministries. In her free time, Michelle enjoys being with her husband and two adult children, reading a good book, the beach, and a good cup of coffee.

Product Details

Category: Book-Hardcover Printed
ISBN-13: 9781434764546
Item #: 106521
Page Count: 36
Age Level: Ages 4 to 7 Years
Publication Date: August 1, 2010
Cover Type: Hardback


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