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The Giving Farmer | Erika Pizzo

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“Why do you have to go to work again?” Young children often wonder why parents must head off to work and can’t stay to play. There’s a better answer to this question than “to make money,” and this delightful picture book reveals it.

The story follows a farmer and his wife who live and work on their farm. Each day while the farmer is hard at work, he meets an animal with a need. Sarah the Sheep needs a safe place to stay. Peter the Pig needs food. Holly the Horse needs new hay. The farmer gives with an open heart. At the same time, he discovers how his life and work have meaning.

This delightfully illustrated tale will teach young children about the value of hard work and the joy of helping others the way Jesus would.

About the Author

Erika Pizzo speaks and writes on faith and finances. She shares practical insights and ideas through her blog posts on, as well as speaking on behalf of this ministry led by financial experts Tony and Carin Amaradio. Erika is married and the busy mother of two young children.

Product Details

Category: Book-Hardcover Printed
ISBN-13: 9780830776061
Item #: 145330
Page Count: 24
Age Level: Ages 4 to 7 Years
Publication Date: September 1, 2018
Cover Type: Hardback


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