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The Saving Farmer | Erika Pizzo

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In the sequel to The Giving Farmer, the farmer has a brand-new problem: his tractor is broken and he can’t afford a new one! Just when he’s lost all hope, his son reminds him about saving for a toy truck.
While his friends help harvest his crops, the farmer saves a little every day. In the end, he learns if you’re diligent, a little adds up to a lot; and the more you save, the more you can help others.

With delightful illustrations and a heartwarming story,The Saving Farmer will teach young children the importance of saving diligently and helping those in need.

Product Details

Book: Hardcover
ISBN: 0830776419
ISBN-13: 9780830776412
Item #: 146442
Publication Date: September 1, 2018

About the Author 

Erika Pizzo speaks and writes on faith and finances. She shares practical insights and ideas through her blog posts on, as well as speaking on behalf of this ministry led by financial experts Tony and Carin Amaradio. Erika is married and the busy mother of two young children.

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