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Echoes | Toddler/2 Starting Steps (Craft & Take-Home) | Spring 2019

Echoes | Toddler/2 Starting Steps (Craft & Take-Home) | Spring 2019

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A combination craft and take-home paper that is your link to each child's home. Includes a family newsletter, Bible story review, and more.  (One per child) (Not a uniquely Echoes product)

Need one per student

This spring Toddlers themes are:

  • Jesus Did Good Things
  • Jesus is Alive!
  • We Love God 1 Samuel, Psalm, Matthew, Mark, John, Acts, Philippians


  • Frame to display weekly craft project
  • Family Calendar gives Bible story lesson review ideas for each week
  • Family newsletter with development tips, devotional, Bible story, and more

Product Details

  • ISBN: 9781589194090
  • Quarter: Spring (March, April, May)
  • Vendor: Echoes
  • Type: Kids Crafts & Activities

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