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TRU Family Empowered Event: Serve

TRU Family Empowered Event: Serve

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Serve Family Empowered Event is an interactive, inter-generational family event you can host anytime, anywhere! Serve focuses on equipping families to serve together within their community.

This resource includes a step-by-step outline for the event, as well as a multitude of ideas that can be used to customize this experience to fit the needs and personality of each church.


  • Coordinator's Guide
  • Intro videos
  • Promotional materials: digital slides, web banner, invitations, flyers, info letters
  • Event resources
  • Art pack
  • Follow up postcards
  • Target Audience: families

Structure/Design/Packaging: Digital download

Category: Families (i.e. children, youth, adult, families, etc.)

Age Levels: Preschool to adults

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The multiuse download edition, which includes digital files of each product for this age level, is for multiple teachers at a single site for 6 months.

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    Age Level: Family - All Ages

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