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Radio the World - Audio CD

Radio the World - Audio CD

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What happens when ROCKHARBOR church and David C. Cook Publishing come together to re-imagine the kids' worship experience? The result is TruWorship's first release aimed at elementary students entitled Radio the World. Radio the World is a collection of 11 songs created specifically to help parents and churches create environments for kids to experience and respond to God.

A mixture of current and original worship songs, Radio the World features production by Grammy and Dove award nominated producer/engineer, Paul Dexter, and guest appearances by Tim Hughes, Crystal Lewis, and Jody McBrayer (formerly of Avalon). With an energetic and current sound, Radio the World stands ready to transform the elementary-aged worship experience.

  • Current-music styled, high-energy worship with well-known personalities and singers
  • Features 11 foundation-building songs for elementary aged kids for just $9.99
  • Features a combination of well-known worship songs and original songs written specifically for this series
  • Part of the TRU curriculum series created by David C. Cook in partnership with ROCKHARBOR Church

With an energetic and current sound, Radio the World stands ready to revolutionize the elementary-aged worship experience.


  1. Because of Your Love
  2. Radio the World
  3. Found
  4. Worship the Lord
  5. Good News
  6. Remember
  7. Dance
  8. Forgiven
  9. Jump
  10. Give Myself Away
  11. Happy Day

Format: CD
Style: High-Energy Kids Worship

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