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Wesley | Preschool My Sunday Pictures | Fall 2018

Wesley | Preschool My Sunday Pictures | Fall 2018

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This weekly student take-home product presents a version of the Bible story told in class along with family activities for extending the Bible lesson at home. Three parent cards give an overview of each unit, age-appropriate tips for families, Memory Verse Rhyme, and family activities related to the unit theme.

Need one per student.

Scope and Sequence Fall 2018                                                                                  

Theme: We Are Important to Jesus, Jesus Helps Us, God Made the World

Bible Passages: Genesis, Psalms, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John


  • Three Family Cards provide parents with ongoing interaction with their child
  • Bible story and matching art for each lesson

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Category: Take Home Papers
ISBN: 3014-1
ISBN-13: 9780781448086
Item #: 58883
Age Level: Preschool: Ages 3, 4, 5


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