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Yes, No, and Maybe Video Series | Wendy Pope

Yes, No, and Maybe Video Series | Wendy Pope

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Many seemingly happy Christian women are secretly wondering, Is this as good as it gets? Their discontent goes beyond restlessness with where they live or how much money is in their bank accounts. They feel a numbness in life they can’t explain.
In these warm and inviting sessions, Wendy Pope encourages women to practice saying yes, no, and maybe to live the life God intended them to have. Including a bonus conversation with Pope, the Yes, No, & Maybe video series helps readers begin a new journey of freedom in Christ.

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ISBN: 083077629X
ISBN-13: 9780830776290
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ISBN: 083077601X
ISBN-13: 9780830776016
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About the Author

Wendy Pope is a speaker with Proverbs 31 Ministries and contributes to the P31 online devotional, Encouragement for Today, which reaches over 1 million readers each day. She is the author of Trusting God for a Better Tomorrow and Wait and See and teaches thousands of women worldwide online through The One Year Chronological Bible. Pope lives with her family in North Carolina.

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