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Bible-in-Life High School Teacher's Guide (Episcopal/Anglican edition) | Winter 2018-2019

Bible-in-Life High School Teacher's Guide (Episcopal/Anglican edition) | Winter 2018-2019

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Have a successful classroom experience with less preparation time with our easy-to-use guide and curriculum for high school students. The lessons are designed to help teens make a transition from simply believing in God to owning their faith and living it out.

Series Description
Lessons for today. Faith for a lifetime. With a comprehensive catalog of flexible materials, Bible-in-Life lets you build a children’s ministry program that fits your budget and your church. Because every day is different, Bible-in-Life uses real-world applications to reveal God’s Word in everyday moments.

All ages levels of Bible-in-Life curriculum feature:

  • Easy teacher prep along teaching insights and weekly lesson tips
  • Original songs that follow each unit theme –3 themes and songs per quarter
  • A variety of activities choose from in every lesson
  • Creative Teaching Aids packed with posters, games Bible characters and more
  • Weekly take-home resources for kids and parents
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