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The New Testament: High School Group Study

The New Testament: High School Group Study

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Help Teens Understand How the Gospel Spread and the Church Began, and Help them Connect that History With Their Lives.

The New Testament is a youth-friendly Bible study that offers a comprehensive overview from the Gospels to Revelation and introduces the central themes of the New Testament:

  • God’s unconditional love
  • God’s grace through Christ
  • Becoming part of God’s family
  • Becoming an agent of change. 

Every one of the 12 sessions is an interactive, in-depth study of God’s Word focusing on the heart and the message of the New Testament. The New Testament is part of the Uncommon youth curriculum series created by veteran youth minister Jim Burns.

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Order the printed edition and you'll get:

  • 6" x 9" printed book shipped from our distribution center

Bonus Content: With your purchase of the printed edition, you will receive a download link for additional reproducible student handouts and options that are specially tailored for every session. These additional resources complement the group study book.

Order the digital download edition and you'll get:
The entire book in PDF format making it easy to use on any digital device
All of the reproducible student handouts and options that are specially tailored for every session (Same as “Bonus Content” above)

Note about digital licensing: The digital edition of the book is licensed to you for use by one teacher or student and is not reproducible. If you have more than one teacher or student who needs this book, then please order the number of copies needed for your class. What is reproducible are the files in the folder marked “Student Handouts.”


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