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Noah's Park Children's Church Kit - Red Edition

Noah's Park Children's Church Kit - Red Edition

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There's Something for Every Child in Noah's Park! 

  • Preschool through Elementary age levels
  • Cost-effective program for a full year
  • Pump up you lessons with downloadable resources from the Internet!
  • Each lesson includes a Bible story, object lesson, and Bible memory themed snacks, crafts and activities
  • Books are perforated to make it easy to give teachers the materials they need for the Sundays they teach
  • Completely reproducible

The One-Year Kit Provides Everything You Need for an Entire Year!

  • Two Noah's Park Puppets
  • Reproducibles
  • Five Guide Books (Leader's, Snacks and Games, Crafts, Puppet Skits, "Park Patrol" Older Elementary Training Book)
  • Cool Puppet Skits for all Lessons and All Age Levels
  • Lesson-Based Snacks
  • Train Older Children to Be Your "Park Patrol" Helpers
  • Tons of Options!

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Series: Childrens Church Kit
ISBN: 078144490X
ISBN-13: 9780781444903
Item #: 105093
Publication Date: January 1, 2007