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Wendy Pope - Wait and See Participant’s Guide

Wendy Pope - Wait and See Participant’s Guide

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The Wait and See Participant’s Guide teaches through the lives of Joseph, Moses, David, Nehemiah, Abraham and Sarah, and Noah to show participants how to wait well on God’s plan for their life.

Waiting well
  • Teaches us to trust His delays rather than doubt His ways;
  • Looks forward to the future while staying present in the present;
  • Waits with God, not on God;
  • Is more about experiencing God rather than enduring the delay;
  • Focuses on the Person of our faith rather than the object of our wait; and
  • Pushes through the pause by doing what we know to do.

After watching a ten-minute teaching session in the companion DVD, participants will study the Bible together and answer questions about the person being studied. The entire curriculum is covered during the Bible study, and there is no outside homework or additional reading. This study is ideal for busy women.

ISBN: 9781434712097

About the Author

Wendy Pope is the author of Trusting God for a Better Tomorrow and the Read Thru the Word online Bible studies and teachings. She also speaks nationwide with Proverbs 31 Ministries. Wendy and her husband, Scott, have two children and live in North Carolina.

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Category: Book-Paperback Trade
ISBN-13: 9781434712097
Item #: 143897
Age Level: Adult
Publication Date: November 1, 2017


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