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Wesley | Early Elementary Bible Beginnings | Fall 2018

Wesley | Early Elementary Bible Beginnings | Fall 2018

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This in-class student book is a starting point for building basic Bible study skills. It helps each Bible lesson make a lasting impression in students' hearts, souls, and minds. A wide variety of class activities for all parts of the lessons-Bible story character masks, games, puzzles, discussion starters, Bible story and memory verse sequence cards, puppets, and more.

Need one per student.

Scope and Sequence Fall 2018

Theme: We Are Important to Jesus, Jesus Helps Us, God Made the World         

Bible Passages: Genesis, Psalms, Song of Songs, Amos, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

  • Basic Bible study skills
  • Four pages for each lesson
  • A variety of activities that tie into each lesson

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Category: Student Books
ISBN-13: 9780781446525
Item #: 472
Age Level: Early Elementary: Grades K & 1


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