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Wesley | Early Elementary Creative Teaching Aids | Fall 2018

Wesley | Early Elementary Creative Teaching Aids | Fall 2018

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Equips teachers with the tools necessary to make class time interesting and fun, while enhancing Bible study. Each packet includes a variety of items such as posters, games, 3D models, and puzzles, along with an attendance chart, music CD, and more. CD includes three original worship songs that correlate with each unit, downloadable music charts, lyric sheets, and postcards. All Creative Teaching Aids are used in conjunction with the lessons.

Need one per class.

Scope and Sequence Fall 2018

Theme: We Are Important to Jesus, Jesus Helps Us, God Made the World         

Bible Passages: Genesis, Psalms, Song of Songs, Amos, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John


  • Essential teaching tools to go with the Teacher's Guide
  • Bible story posters, flannel figures, stand-up figures, and more
  • CD with a song for each of the three units (stereo and instrumental) and PDFs of "happy birthday" and "miss you" postcards, lyric sheets, and music charts
  • CD is reproducible so it can be shared with families
  • Attendance chart

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Category: Creative Teaching Aid
ISBN: 3021-1
ISBN-13: 9780781446518
Item #: 468
Age Level: Early Elementary: Grades K & 1


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