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Wesley | Middle School The Rock (Student Book/Take-Home) | Fall 2018

Wesley | Middle School The Rock (Student Book/Take-Home) | Fall 2018

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This eight-page student paper contains a Bible study for use during the lesson. The Lesson Focus is presented in a variety of creative ways: through non-fiction and fiction stories, stories written by preteens and teens, how-to articles, puzzles, surveys, and more. The back page provides Everyday Devos, a six-day devotional schedule for students, to help them stay in the Word throughout the week. Perfect for in-class discussion and family interaction at home.

Need one per student.

Scope and Sequence Fall 2018

Theme: The God Who Created Us, The God Who Corrects Us, The God Who Calls Us

Bible Passages: Genesis, Deuteronomy, Psalms, Proverbs, Jeremiah, Luke, Romans, Ephesians 


  • Student in-class/take-home paper
  • Creative methods for presenting the Lesson Focus
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