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Bible-in-Life | Preschool Teacher's Guide | Fall 2018

Bible-in-Life | Preschool Teacher's Guide | Fall 2018

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Need 1 per teacher.

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Guide Preschoolers to know God’s love and discover the truth of His Word!

In this quarterly guide you’ll find age-appropriate lessons that build on spiritual development to form a faith foundation for life. Lessons include background information on the Bible story, tips on understanding and teaching preschoolers, and weekly stories complete with review questions and activities. Every lesson uses multiple learning styles to reach all types of learners (music, kinesthetic, auditory, tactile, verbal expressive). In addition, you’ll find meaningful activities for early arrivers and extra class time.

Beginning with this September 2018 quarter, Bible-in-Life preschool comes with NEW lesson videos that support monthly themes and show children living out their faith in everyday moments. This resource is new to Bible-in-Life and serves as a great tool for class time. Access information is provided in the Teacher’s Guide.  

Need one Teacher’s Guide per class or teacher.

This fall Preschool monthly themes are:

• We Are Important to Jesus

• Jesus Helps Us

• God Made the World

Genesis, Psalms, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

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    Creative Teaching Aids
    Make It, Take It (Craft Book)
    My Sunday Pictures

    Series Description

    Lessons for today. Faith for a lifetime. With a comprehensive catalog of flexible materials, Bible-in-Life lets you build a children’s ministry program that fits your budget and your church. Because every day is different, Bible-in-Life uses real-world applications to reveal God’s Word in everyday moments.

    All ages levels of Bible-in-Life curriculum feature:

    • Easy teacher prep along teaching insights and weekly lesson tips
    • Original songs that follow each unit theme –3 themes and songs per quarter
    • A variety of activities choose from in every lesson
    • Creative Teaching Aids packed with posters, games Bible characters and more
    • Weekly take-home resources for kids and parents

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